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Celebrate birthday and other special occasions with cheesecakes

Birthday is the most special event that is celebrated all over the world. We do birthday cake delivery as fast as possible.  Do you love cheese cakes? I cannot resist the temptation of creamy cheesecake. Its history is as interesting as its taste is. I am going to discuss that from where the cheesecake got originated and how New York plays an important role.

The story of the invention of cheese cake goes back to the Olympic Games in 776 BC. The players and athletes needed calories to compete in the games. Romans picked it from the Greeks and spread it throughout Europe. It was originated far back in 2000 BC.

What makes cheese cake so creamy and smooth?

Back in 1872, an American dairyman made a very interesting mistake. He was making a French Neufchatel cheese but got failed. Instead of it, he invented the process of rich and creamy cheese. This delicious, yummy cheese is known as the creamy cheese.

This cream becomes so popular that it’s been sold by Philadelphia cream cheese company. The cheese says that if I am not broken, don’t fix me!! Since 1928, Kraft has owned the brand. It is distributing the cream cheese that everyone loves to eat.

The people from New York are passionate about yummy and delicious cheese cakes. Americans also love to bake and eat cheesecakes. There are many variations of cheesecakes in America.

Sour cream is added to the recipe so that it can have a creamier taste. This is the famous recipe of Chicago. Philadelphia cheesecakes are lighter and creamier as compared to the cheesecake of New York. It is served with fruit or chocolate toppings. In St. Louis, people like to eat a gooey butter cake. It comes with an additional layer of cake topping. This topping is on the cheesecake filling.

So, America is famous for many more variations of cheesecakes. Send birthday pastries and other cakes with cheesecakes. Celebrate the birthday of your dear ones in style.

Cheesecake around the World

Every region in the world has its own way to make the recipes. There are many recipes of cheese cake around the globe.

Italians use ricotta cheese while the Greeks use feta cheese. Germans use cottage cheese and Japanese consumes a combination of egg whites and cornstarch. On the other hand, speciality cheesecakes are also prepared. They are blue cheese, spicy chillies, seafood and tofu.

The most popular ingredients are cheese, wheat and a sweetener. Cheesecake is truly the best dessert that has become very popular for a very long time. From 4000 years ago, since it was discovered it is the favourite dessert for all the ages of people.

Send online cake delivery to your friends, family members and loved ones. Be it any occasion, cheesecakes are always very special.

Cheesecake Benefits

  • Cheesecake is a good source of energy
  • It is very healthy and rich in nutrition
  • Without cream, these cakes also taste awesome.


Celebrate your special events with these yummy cheesecakes to your loved ones in Ghaziabad.


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