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How the cake was originated and why to cut a cake on any happy occasion

You must have often seen that you cut the cake on the occasion of your birthday. A birthday cake is a very popular tradition in many parts of the world. It can have various variations like a cupcake, pastries, cake pops and tarts. They come in the vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and many more flavours. They are baked in many shapes, sizes and colours. They are also decorated with icing.

How and where the tradition of birthday cake started?

The custom of birthday cakes was thought to be originated in ancient Greece. Here, honey cakes or bread are baked for the occasion of the birthday. Ancient Romans celebrated a birthday with tasty food. They celebrate a birthday on three occasions. Birthdays of friends & family and the birthday of people in the high profile family is celebrated. They also celebrate the birthday of the temple and religious figures.

Birthday cakes become popular in Western European countries in the middle of the 19th century. Romans were very fond of cakes at the wedding. In the 17th century, cakes started to come in multiple layers. It was iced and decorated.

On that time, cakes were made from flour, nuts and honey. At the present time, cakes come with multiple layers with huge buttercream. So, send birthday cake to your loved ones, family members and relatives.

Why people blow out birthday candles?

This one is really fascinating. The tradition of blowing out candles has come from ancient times. People used to believe that smoke carried thoughts to gods in heaven. There were a lot of rituals when people burned something. Buddhists light incense. In Israel, people sacrificed and burn animals like birds and sheep. Australians had tobacco ceremonies to ward off the evil spirits.

Corporate gifts are gaining popularity. They help to build stronger business relations. The Cake is such a unique gift that can be cut on the birthday and marriage anniversary of your employees or co-workers. This is just a simple gesture to show that you care for them. Send cake on the birthday of your business associates and buddies. This effort makes them realize that they are also part of the company. They will feel honoured and will work hard for increasing the profit margin for the company.

Send get well soon cake to the friend who is not well. Express your concern to your dear friend. Wish him a speedy recovery. Order cake online. Receiving the cake he will get motivated to recover soon.

A simple yet stylish house- warming cake can do wonders. Gift the house warming cake to your friend. It is a simple gesture that you are wishing him with good luck, happiness, and prosperity in his new house.

Express your love and emotion on marriage anniversary with beautiful and stunning chocolate or strawberry cakes. Marriage anniversary is very special as it reminds your wedding day. Make this day more memorable by cutting your favourite cake.

Hence, whatever is the occasion just to order and send your favourite cakes online.

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