Cake Delivery in Jaipur

Convey the message to your loved ones and friends living in Jaipur.

We deliver cakes for all special occasions. We ensure you that your loved ones will get the stunning, fresh, beautiful and delicious cake.

If you will order a cake before 2 pm local time, then we can do same day cake delivery. Be it birthday, marriage anniversary or any other celebrations, we have cakes for every occasion. We have a dedicated team of professionals that promise to deliver cake right at the doorstep. Our customer care department take utmost care to deliver your order with care.

Send birthday cake to your colleague or boss. Give them birthday wishes by sending their favourite cake in Jaipur. Your boss will give you a promotion. Your relation with colleagues will become stronger. You can pick cakes from our online cake shop.

We understand how difficult it is to send cake to someone who is sick. Send Get Well cake to the person for a speedy recovery. We deliver cake to the hospital also. Ensure you to send the cake on the same day. The cake with fresh flowers will fill the positive energy inside the sick person. He will recover soon.

Cakes are the best medium to express your emotions. Express any emotions like thank you and congratulations. Say congrats on the birth of a new child to your friend with a fresh and yummy cake. Express your gratitude of thanks to your mom and dad who have given so many sacrifices for your success.

Order cake for your office on special events like the launch of a new product, corporate meetings, round table meeting, annual day and much more. Cakes are used as a centrepiece to the room. So, what are you waiting for!! Order now!! We are happy to deliver the cakes on time.


Makes You Happy

Chocolate has PEA (Phenylethylamine) that makes you happy and improve your mood. This chemical is produced by your brain when you feel love for someone. PEA stimulates the brain to release endorphins that produce the feel-good factor.

Have you felt that when your mood is bad, you eat cake? If yes, then you must have also noticed the changes in your mood. So, the cake is one of the best options for desserts that provide you with a feeling of well-being.

Reduce Cholesterol

Consumption of cocoa reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood. It raises good cholesterol. Thus, by reducing bad cholesterol it lowers the cardiovascular risk. As the cholesterol gets lower it reduces the risk of stroke, heart failure and heart attack. By reducing cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure too. Focus on eating cake and be happy.

Improve Digestion

Don’t get surprised, the chocolate cake really improves our digestion. Chocolate is one of the best probiotic. It helps the food to get digest easily. So, eat everything and after that eat cake to digest your food.

Hence, whatever is the occasion, just order cakes and send them to Jaipur.



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