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Why do people put candles on birthday cakes, and why do we wish on birthday candles?

Greek origin story

As birthday cakes are originated from ancient Greek. There is a ritual in which candles were ignited to celebrate Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. So, we assume that the tradition started from there only. We are not sure when we started to use candles on birthdays as a tradition in the recent years.

Pagan origin story

Use of fire date back to creation of altars. It is believed that birthday candles have the symbolic power. It is believed that on the birthday, evil spirits come to meet the birthday boy/girl. So, candles are put on the cake to protect that person from evil spirits.

German origin story

In 18th century, people from Germany use candles to celebrate the birthday of their kids. German children were taken to a large room. They were encouraged to celebrate another year. Germans believed that adults protect their children from the evil spirits.

Swiss origin story

The tradition of blowing candle was recorded in Switzerland in 1881. They believed that the number of candle will increase every year according to the age. These candles were blown out by the person who is celebrating the birthday.

During 19th century, with the boom of industrialization and tradition, common people also started to use cakes. Then this birthday tradition spreads to North America. It has become household ritual to celebrate birthday by baking of the cakes. The people used to light the candles, sing out the birthday song and blowing out the candles. Celebrate the birthday of your loved ones and friends we do the instant cake delivery.

Who wrote the birthday song?

Happy birthday song is the post popular song in English. It is been translated into many other languages. It is sung in many different languages. Birthday song is sung in Arabic in Egypt, Dutch in Netherlands, and many other versions around the world.

Happy birthday song was originated way back to 1894. It was originated in Kentucky. Two sisters Patty and Mildred J hill wrote the song “Good morning to all” for their Kindergartners. Happy birthday song came from there only.

What are birthday superstitions?

In England, inside the birthday cakes many things were stuffed. The cake was cut and distributed. The person who got the thing was supposed to have same future that relates that object. If you get a coin in cake, then it means that wealth is waiting for you. If got a thimble, he will never get married.

There was one very unique superstition in US that if you blow all your candles in a blow, then you will married within a year.

An Italian superstition associated with birthday is pulling the ear lobes that means a tug for a year. Big ear lobe symbolizes long life span. So, every family member use to give you a tug on the ear.

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